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Finding a Happy Medium: The Yoga Room in Astoria

Why is it that when it comes to exercising, people rarely veer away from the usual gym room staples: the dreaded treadmills and punishing ellipticals? I say “dreaded” because, let’s face it, very few of us actually enjoy running on a machine, especially in the sticky New York summer. What everyone really wants to know is whether it’s possible to get a full-body workout without having to painstakingly jog in place for miles. The answer: replace the machine with a human instructor, grab a mat and ditch the gym for a calmer environment like that of The Yoga Room in Astoria. The schedule and hours change daily, so an assortment of yoga, pilates and personal fitness classes are held on rotation. Nobody said this stuff was easy, but rather than feeling sweaty and exhausted, you’ll find yourself mellowed-out, with a sense of accomplishment.

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A Room of Requirement: Yoga

The Yoga Room embodies the core ideal of this
 stylish and homey place, as everything is designed just up to the point: your health and well-

 With a friendly green and glass front against the mosaic wall,
 the small room welcomed me warmly. As I stepped inside and looked around, I 
sensed a philosophy of “vinyasa” in the decor—“vi”, in a special way, “nyasa”, to place—
everything is placed in a special way; in one corner, a wooden table chest held a copper 
brown hand wash, with a large wooden Buddist embossment hanging over it, inviting a deep breath in the special ambiance of religious tranquility. This
 small world made me feel like I was in an exotic and
 authentic Indian lounge.

 I was asked to take off my shoes at the entrance, because everyone should have the right
 to enjoy themselves without any binding from the outside—both physical and psychological.

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