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Dear J,

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Today I was riding on the subway, and a really cute guy winked at me.  I was interested, but felt uncomfortable giving him my number since he was a stranger.  What is the proper NYC protocol on these matters- should I have started up a conversation, or accepted the wink as a fleeting moment?


Yearning for More

Dear Yearning for More,

First of all, good for you for having the confidence to make that first step – eye contact.  All too often, New Yorkers exist in insular bubbles, avoiding any sort of acknowledgement of the people passing them on the street. Breaking that barrier is already a huge improvement from the norm.

When it comes to dating a stranger, there’s no New York protocol to be had – it’s all you! Do what you feel comfortable with, and what your instinct tells you to do.  If this guy interested you, and you feel comfortable giving out your phone number, certainly keep a couple of perfumed business cards in reach. Please just keep in mind those steadfast first date rules that have nothing to do with norms and everything to do with your safety. If you are meeting a stranger for the first time, make sure to do so in a public place. Even better, bring a friend – you can never be too careful when you’re picking up a stranger.

Good luck with your subway endeavors, and send us pics when you inevitably become a couple!

-INY’s J

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Today in New York History

Imagine getting on the subway today without air conditioning (the forecast for today is 92 degrees!). Thankfully, on this day in 1967, the first air-conditioned subway cars went into service along the F line. It would take some time before the entire system was fully climate controlled, especially after the budget cuts and the resulting terrible conditions of the subway in the ’70s, but eventually the entire fleet would be replaced by new cars or retrofitted with air-conditioning systems. Now, during sweltering New York summers, we can fully appreciate the fact that the riding the subway doesn’t mean riding in a sauna.

- Amanda Pickering

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Only in New York…

As I hurried through Penn Station this morning, wondering if my starved MetroCard needed a refill, I heard the opening notes to “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” my personal favorite and perhaps the most famous tune from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita. The alluring voice came from a woman in the corner, perched on a stool among various speakers and electronic equipment holding a glimmering guitar. The guitar’s case was open, cradling dollars and coins — not all of them American.

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Event Showcase: The Miss G Train Crowning

The City Reliquary—the self-proclaimed “Museum for the people”—is hosting an event to honor New York’s most forgotten subway line: the G train. Contestants are encouraged to dress the part and e-mail the City Reliquary with a description of what the G train means to them by November 16. The City Reliquary will then select the finalists who will compete on Thursday, November 19th, for this coveted title. The Miss G Train Crowning will include Brooklyn Brewery drinks and special appearances by guest judges Fiona Gardner, “Miss Subways” photographer; Edward Coffey, NYC transit expert; and Abbie Borod, beauty pageant coach. So be sure to remember the neglected G train tomorrow night, because this event definitely beats your usual Thursday commute.

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