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Sound of Summer

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Inside New York‘s Tom Taylor visits Moma’s SummerGarden series:

It could hardly have been a more spectacular setting. As dusk settled on a warm Sunday night, a rose-glow covered the huge windows into the heart of the MoMA while swallows dipped and dived, merrily chirping to one another. Their chattering was echoed by the busy sounds of the street. Together, this unorthodox aural backdrop might, if you closed your eyes for a moment, conjure up images of a great orchestra warming-up.

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The Old Country Meets the Big City at Yiddishfest 2012

True, klezmer fans tend to be Jewish, but the crowd at Tuesday’s Yiddishfest 2012 was certainly not lacking in diversity. There were Jews with tzit-tzit. There were Jews with overgrown hobo-esque beards. There were Jews with pink hair, Jews having Whole Foods picnics, old Jews in red Hawaiian shirts doing tai-chi, Jews doing the hora, Jews doing the tango, Jews dancing with a sometimes embarrassing lack of self-consciousness, old Jewish men wearing lipstick and cheerleading outfits, Jews in purple sequined garters, Jews wearing ironically large glasses, Jews with pink sparkly electric guitars, heavy metal head-banging Jews; in short, much diversity within the tribe and some of the best people-watching anywhere.

The variety of concertgoers was understandable, given the variety of musical styles represented onstage. Yiddishfest 2012 featured lots of klezmer crossovers, some of which blended unexpectedly well. Read the complete post »

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Weekend Forecast!!

The Prospect Park Bandshell

The Prospect Park Bandshell

Outdoor concerts! Comedy! Theater! Milk!

CELEBRATE BROOKLYN PRESENTS OKAYAFRICA W/THE ROOTS & TALIB KWELI The legendary Roots group will be headlining the OkayAfrica World Cup 2010 Finals Party. Sahr Ngaujah tournament’s 80- year history, this is the first time it has been held in Africa. Come celebrate Africa’s role in this monumental competition with live performances by Talib Kweili (Brooklyn), Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew (Sierra Leone), Blitz the Ambassador (Ghana), and many other guests. Enjoy a daylong jam session by The Roots with a series of guest performances. Stick around until the very end for a special finale by The Roots.
When: Sun, July 11th. 7:30pm
Where: Prospect Park Bandshell
Price: Recommended $3 Donation
Contact Information: http://www.prospectpark.org/calendar/event/141998 Read the complete post »

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Music al Fresco at Stuy-Town

Concert stage at "Music On the Oval"

Concert stage at "Music On the Oval"

Another Wednesday, another free Music on the Oval concert in Stuyvesant Town.

Although just north of 14th Street and east of First Avenue and thus equally accessible by the L as the fashionable East Village, Stuy-Town is an area rarely frequented by non-residents. From afar, the bare red brick cross-shaped towers look as foreboding as any NYCHA development, and as the area is devoted almost exclusively to apartments, parks, and playgrounds, there is normally little to entice visitors away from the intense variety of stores, galleries, and restaurants on neighboring city streets.

New York mega-developer Tishman Speyer recently plunked down over $5 billion dollars (at the height of the real estate bubble in 2007) to buy Stuy-Town. A likely part of their business plan is making visitors aware that the area—despite its project look—is a place where one would want to live. A free, outdoors summer concert series in the heart of the development with bands destined to draw in the young and affluent is, as one can imagine, not a bad way to do this. And so we have Music on the Oval.

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