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Sleep No More! A Night at the Macbeths’

I ventured out to Sleep No More last Wednesday to see one of the most spectacular and fantastical, not to mention bizarre, shows in town. The production is an interactive haunted house based on Macbeth (loosely) that lets you create your own show as you explore the McKittrick Hotel, a renovated club space. As I delved into a dance based dream world, I was spooked, surprised, and entranced. Here’s the basic walk through:

Get There – I get off the 1 Train in Chelsea and walk to 10th avenue. 6:15 in the summer, and the neighborhood is sunny and sleepy, and I stroll past a public school hanging kids’ paintings and lines of old warehouses. The McKittrick Hotel is a red brick building with a thin awning, between the High Line and the Hudson. “Is this Sleep No More?” I ask one of two girls hanging around the entrance. “Yeah,” she grins. “We’re starting the line.”

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