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Saturday Night Fever

Taking a dance class is one of those things that you say you’d like to do one day, but somehow just never get around to doing. Right up there with joining a gym or changing that lightbulb, taking a dance class sounds great in theory but never quite seems to work out in practice. Sure, you might make it to a class or two, but after that, something always “comes up.”

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LES’ Paladar Woos with Latin Charm

With bright yellow doors framed by sky blue windows and topped with a red sign, entering this LatinPaladaroasis, Paladar, on the Lower East Side is like walking into the sunset. But don’t be fooled, this chic restaurant offers more than just Sangria and a funky Latin feel. Co-owner Chef Aaron Sanchez has spent his life cooking with some of the best, including his mother Zarela Martinez, and was in a Masterclass with Chef Paul Prudhomme by the age of 16. Soon to be co-star on the upcoming series Chef v. City and former co-host of the Food Network’s ‘Melting Pot,’ Chef Sanchez has trained the cooks in his cocina to serve a varied menu inspired by all of Latin America. Read the complete post »

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Havana Nights in the West Village: Yerba Buena Cocina Latina


Tacos de Pescado

Though February in New York can be a debilitating month, rife with chilling windstorms and the occasional 12-inch-thick pounding of snow, it’s the ideal time to head to Miami for a weekend getaway. For those of us that don’t have this luxury, however, Yerba Buena of the West Village offers an excellent alternative for Havana Nights enthusiasts.

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