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Mac & Cheese ^ 12

Photos by Joe Girton

Four lucky INY staffers sat down in Delicatessen in SoHo for a four-hour, 12-course tasting of scrumptious Mac and Cheese presented by Chef Michael Ferraro of Macbar (who will be competing on Iron Chef Friday night!). Macbar, which is shaped like a giant yellow macaroni noodle, is not a restaurant to be missed!

Here’s what our mac and cheese experts have to say about all 12 delicious Macbar flavors:  

The Classic

Some of the spread.

Alice Preminger: The tender elbows were slippery with sweet butter, and suspended in a mild but potent blend of American and Cheddar cheeses. The conglomerate was pleasantly salty, of course, but was also given a bit of extra dimensionality thanks to some pepper.

Joe Girton: Fantastically basic, rich, buttery, a great choice for the purist.

Melissa Kravitz:  I’ve grown up on macaroni and cheese since I could chew, if not before, so I consider myself kind of an expert, if not a mac and cheese prodigy, or perhaps the Queen of Mac and Cheese. This creamy, cheddar infused pasta melted in my mouth and certainly tasted much better than anything that could come out of a box! After this first dish I knew I was in for the dinner of a lifetime.

Shira Laucharoen: Basic mac upgraded to its finest, with a creamy dose of American and cheddar. Curls of pasta are hearty, dig-in fare served with lightly crackled crust.

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Pampered at Providence Day Spa

You wouldn’t expect to find the sublime oasis that is Providence Day Spa tucked away on such a loud, bustling stretch of the Atlantic thoroughfare. Immediately upon entering, you’re greeted not just with welcoming, relaxing touches like soothing music and hot tea, but you’ll almost get the sense that someone is sharing their home with you. For my massage, I had the pleasure of working with the owner herself, Providence Hogan, who’s run the place for 16 years and counting. With just one personal steam room and one changing room, this is no corporate chain spa – and that’s a good thing.

At the start of each treatment, the assigned therapist crafts a customized course of action based on a short consultation about your specific, personal needs. I explained to Providence that as an avid bicyclist, my lower back and thighs often feel tight and overworked – sure enough, I left my massage feeling refreshed and energetic for my ride home over the Manhattan Bridge.

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