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Walking Tour: Public Art and Architecture

This is the third in our series of NYC walking tours.

You don’t have to visit Museum Mile or go gallery-hopping to see art in NYC—architectural gems, historical monuments, and eye-popping sculptures are on every block. While each neighborhood has its own collection of significant artistic sites, Brooklyn Heights and Lower Manhattan are the perfect places to begin your exploration—from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the palatial City Hall, from 1760s tombstones to 20th-century sculptures, here you’ll find art from any era in practically any style. And best of all, it’s completely free.

Art and Architecture Walking Tour MapTake the 2 or 3 to Clark St and exit on Henry St. This is Brooklyn Heights, a quiet neighborhood full of 19th-century houses that sit on flower-lined, cobblestone streets. It was declared a historic district by the city in 1965. Stroll down Henry St to see three red-brick Federal-style townhouses in a row between Clark and Love St that date back to 1843. Read the complete post »

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The Marshmallow Civil War

When I have children in many, many, many years, I won’t be able to sit them down by the fire and tell them that I was there when the Allies landed in Marshmallow BattlefieldNormandy, or when the Yankees stopped General Lee’s northern invasion of Gettysburg. But I will be able to tell them, hand clamped to my chest with pride, that I was there for the great Marshmallow Civil War of 2009.

This past Saturday, my friend and I trekked down to the Brooklyn Bridge, armed with umbrellas, raincoats, and two bags of marshmallows, completely unsure of how our afternoon would turn out. We wandered aimlessly underneath the Manhattan side of the bridge, wondering if we would even find this supposed war. But then we heard them: battle cries, punctuated by the soft, whooshing sounds of marshmallow artillery hurtling through the air—the unmistakable sounds of a marshmallow war.

Read the complete post »

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New York Musical Theatre Festival: Open the Dark Door

It was cold, it was raining, and I was late. Sprinting up the stairs to the tiny American Theatre of Actors theatre on 54th Street to the beat of the already-started opening number, I had a serious moment of doubt: was it really worth dashing down to midtown to see this show that I had never heard of and knew nothing about? Two minutes into the 6th Annual New York Musical Theatre Festival’s production of Open the Dark Door, with my hair still dripping and my breathing still labored, I had my answer: yes.

In this city overflowing with big name and bigger budget theatre, massive sets and jaw-dropping lighting are bizarrely becoming the norm. And so happening upon a show with nary a moving set piece in sight somehow becomes even more magical. Read the complete post »

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