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Chic and Cheap: Beacon’s Closet

Beacon’s Closet is that type of thrift store that suburban fashionistas could only dream of while growing up. Trendy, buzzing, full of finds, the Williamsburg flagship store is truly a beacon for all those in need of a little chic and cheap.

I trekked to Beacon’s on a very rainy Saturday, and still it was packed with a smorgasbord of people, from the stylish Brooklyn hipsters to flamboyant older ladies to the economically sensible. Lines to the dressing rooms wrapped around the room, attesting to the draw of the fashion mecca. Beacon’s is the equivalent to a very well-curated Salvation’s Army, but with a cool décor and even cooler vibe. With gigantic bulbs of light dripping from the ceilings and a gaggle of beautiful and enviously well-dressed staff manning the store, it’s no wonder so many hip twenty-somethings flock over.

To avoid overwhelming the shopper, Beacon’s divide the store into three rooms: men’s, women’s, and a changing area with even more women’s clothes. Still, a sea of racks might be a little dazzling – both in the good way and the bad – when you walk in. The store is packed with clothing and people, so expect to have to nudge for space.

The women’s section has worthy finds, from Miu Miu pumps and Ralph Lauren leather boots for under $30 to the typical assortment of eighties t-shirts and itchy wool sweaters to jewelry by local artists.

The prices still are higher than Salvation’s or Goodwill, ranging from $10 to $30 for a piece. But with a better selection, and therefore less needed scavenging, you’ll be paying for a better experience and atmosphere.

Beacon’s has two other locations in downtown Manhattan and Park Slope in Brooklyn, though the Williamsburg location is by far the biggest.

Williamsburg Store : 88 N 11 Street Brooklyn, NY (718)-486-0816, M-F 11am-p m, S+S 11 am-8pm

Park Slope Store: 92 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY (718)-230-1630, M-F noon-9pm, S+S 11am-8 pm

Manhattan Store: 10 W 13th Street New York, NY (917)-261-4863, M-F 11am-8pm, S+S 11 am-8pm

-Cathy Li 

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Havana Nights in the West Village: Yerba Buena Cocina Latina


Tacos de Pescado

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