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Dynamic, Driven, and Fierce: Talking to Aly Tadros

A self-taught classical guitarist, Aly Tadros didn’t write her first song until just 5 years ago, as a student at Sarah Lawrence. Since then, Tadros has gone from dorm room to the Austin music scene and now New York. This singer/songwriter is hoping to break the stereotype of “chick with a guitar” and make her sound something that stands out to audiences, make her concerts an “experience” rather than just a typical set. I sat down with Tadros to talk about her launch into music and what’s coming next.

When Tadros began her college career, she had a very different vision of her future. She traveled extensively, living in Turkey, Egypt, and Mexico, her focus anything but music. Calling her turn to music a “gradual change of path,” it was an unfortunate accident that made music, at first, a form of therapy for Tadros. Her brother was seriously injured, and it was the night of the accident, the night where it seemed hope was lost, that Tadros wrote her first song.

From that point on, Tadros found herself practicing guitar consistently, preferring music to homework, and knew it was time for a change. Tadros left Sarah Lawrence after her sophomore year and moved to San Antonio, Texas. From then on her free time was spent writing, playing small gigs, and diving into the music scene in San Antonio and then Austin. “Austin has an amazing music community, and it’s not hard to make a living as a musician [there], but as far as the industry goes, it’s limited.”  And this prompted her eventual move to the Big Apple.

Her time in Austin did, however, prove to be an invaluable experience, providing Tadros with contacts, networks, and exposure. Her first tour was a “collaboration tour” with three other singers she met in Texas, and her musician network expanded from there. Before long, Tadros met Chloe Charles, a singer with a style and vision similar to her own, and they remain consistent collaborators. As two members of The Sweetness, Tadros and Charles have toured Europe, the US, and now work out of Toronto and New York.

Moving to New York has been an inspiration for Aly, as this big city of dreamers forces you to “go big or go home.” This mentality has prompted Aly and the band to make new goals for themselves: “I want to make my live show more interesting, bigger, and out of the ‘singer/songwriter’ realm…make the show more of an ‘experience’.” Inspired by Anais Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, Aimee Correia, Tom Waits, and Morphine, Aly has a dynamic style that governs her writing: “sometimes you just want to make people clap and shake their asses a little bit!”

On Wednesday, June 20th at 11PM, Aly and her full band will be playing a show at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. “This is the first time some songs are seeing the light of day outside of the studio,” which should prove to be an exciting show for both the band and the audience. Performing with Aly will be Bryan Percivall (upright/electric bass and backing vocals), Charlie Rauh (lead guitar), Dave Scalia (drums), and Hannah Winkler (backing vocals).

For the rest of the summer, Tadros will be laying low, rehearsing for a fall tour, shooting videos, and preparing for the release of her new album. Tadros’ stock is on the rise, and I have faith that only bigger and better things are to come for this dynamic, dedicated performer.


–Hannah Kloepfer

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  1. Courtney says:

    I saw her play in Austin. Absolutely phenomenal!


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