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Amy Eats…at Ichi Umi

There are a number of all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants throughout the city, but it’s rarer to find a sushi buffet. Ichi Umi, located on 32nd street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue, is definitely a spot many sushi lovers continually return to in order to get fairly good quality sushi for a decent price.

This buffet has a wide selection of nigiri sushi, rolls, noodle soups, variety of hot and cold entrees, fruit, and dessert?. I’ve been to Ichi Umi several time,s and this time I was surprised to find that their quality has gotten better and that the food selection is consistently growing.

Ichi Umi has a wide variety of the different types of sushi to choose from, in addition to the sashimi and maki selection. You can also get different types of oysters, clams, and king crab legs. Move further down the buffet and you will find salad, vegetables, and fish roes. And it’s all in its freshest condition.

Further down the buffet, you will find a noodle station where you can get soba noodles and different types of udon and ramen. Next to the noodle station, you can see a man hard at work grilling different types of yakitori, ranging from pork belly to kalbi. I found their sweet potato croquettes exceptionally delicious. You can also find lots of hot entrees like bacon wrapped asparagus, tempura, black sea bass, and salmon teriyaki. They have over fifty different items to choose from!

The dessert selection has also been expanded. Next to the noodle station, you can find the crepe station where you can choose your own toppings. Don’t forget about the fruit, cake, puddings, and ice cream to the right of the restaurant! Pace yourself and go when you’re hungry to try out all the different types of food this buffet has to offer! Though the buffet costs $18.95 for lunch and $28.95 for dinner, you can definitely dine better than you would at some pricey restaurant down the street.

Ichi Umi is definitely the place to go when you have strong cravings for sushi and Asian food. Despite the price, if you are hungry and eager enough, you will not only satisfy your cravings but eat your money’s worth. Visit this place with a group of friends and enjoy the buffet style dining where you can pick and choose from a hundreds of selections!

Amy Inhee Park 

Ichi Umi. 6 E 32nd St (btwn 5th Ave and Madison Ave). (212) 725-1333. 6 to 33rd St. 


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