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Get Your Grind On with StripXpertease

On a scale of one to smokin’ sexy diva, I thought I ranked around a four. That’s not saying anything about my confidence level–I’m a very secure young woman–but I wasn’t the type of girl who would actively practice her stripper walk, make sexy faces in the mirror, or feel comfortable giving a lap dance.

After taking the Lap ‘n’ Grind lap dance class with an expert at StripXpertease, however, I felt like a downright bombshell; it was a sentiment every girl in the class shared with me and something I think every woman has the right to feel every now and then.

I’ll admit I was nervous going in. Having been told to dress comfortably, I had shown up in my only pair of platform heels, a T-shirt, and leggings. Upon arriving at the studio space, those nerves disappeared as I was greeted by my instructor, Abby, who turned out to be equal parts ferocious burlesque queen and friendly, patient teacher. The atmosphere in the classroom was professional, but also fun, which made it easy to relax amongst the other students. By the middle of the class, the other students and I were comfortable asking questions like, “How long do we do the grind move for?” and “What if we hit him in the face with our hair?”

The curriculum of the Lap n’ Grind class consists of a few steps. First, the basic hip, lip, and body movements must be learned. These building blocks of foxiness are expanded upon in the second part of the lesson, which involves learning a fully-choreographed lap dance experience that covers everything you would ever want to know about grinding down upon the seated lap of that special someone. How to walk into the room (cross your legs like a model, hips thrust forward, predator face ON), what kind of noises to make when you’re hovering over your lover (the reverse hiss, the moan, certain choice phrases that ought not be repeated on the Internet), and how much pressure to give their lap when you’re dropping it like it’s hot are all topics of instruction. By the end of the class, I was so thrilled with all of the cool things I could do with my hips I didn’t have time to be nervous–I felt truly and honestly sexy from head to toe.

It’s not important to have a particular strip recipient in mind when you take a class from StripXpertease. Coming out of the class, I felt a kind of confidence that I hadn’t ever experienced before. To me, that is the most important component of the class. In an hour and a half, I was put back in touch with my body in an environment that didn’t make anyone feel ashamed or embarrassed. Lap ‘n’ Grind was exhilarating, liberating, and sex-positive without feeling cheesy or skanky: a rare mix indeed. I would go back for another class in a minute (the Strip ‘n’ Tease sounds particularly appealing) and recommend it to any girl, anywhere, who wants to unleash the sexy diva within herself.

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2 Responses to “Get Your Grind On with StripXpertease”

  1. Onipono says:

    This was a fun article. The writer seems BOTH SMART AND FUNNY: A rare combination indeed.

  2. Monica says:

    I live in RI and happen to be best friends with the instructor Abby, and though she’s told me how amazing the class is, I have yet to go to N.Y to take it.. This artical has changed that, I’m now on a StripXpertease mission.. Abby is the friendliest, nicest person I’ve ever met and who ever takes her class will leave feeling like they also gained a best friend!!!!

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